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Christina of Sweden

I have a lot of sympathy and admiration for Christina of Sweden (1626-1689). She was only 6 when she became queen of Sweden after her father’s death on the battlefield. She had a significant impact not only on her country, and her 17th century, but also on Europe (political and cultural), Christianity and woman identity going forward. I have read that she is one of only three women buried in the grotto of the Vatican, in the company of Matilda of Tuscany (I did not know it when I wrote about her on this blog) and Maria Clementina Sobieska. She was in countercurrent of nearly everything in her time and had to fight to advance her fundamental modernism. She was an early adopter of the Age of Enlightenment (” Siècle des Lumières “) which advanced the pursuit of human happiness and scientific reasoning over faith-based cultural and social absolutism.  René

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Delray Beach - NOVEMBER 22

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The Identity Perimeter

We build an identity perimeter around us to protect ourselves from Pain and harm by our surrounding environment. Our identity perimeter stacks beliefs, morality, friends and family relationships. We end up conversing in our own language consistent with the identity


The Fear of Freedom

Freedom may be the fastest growing business in the Western World. We are rapidly removing the many constraints historically imposed by the no-longer-at stake necessities of surviving physically and economically and, thereby, of creating centralized strong protection systems such as


Unsettled Matters

We all suffer from unsettled matters: things that hang over our conscience as dings, clouds shadowing our happiness. Unsettled matters include old romances where we are not proud of our role in their end, ungratefulness towards friends and givers, more


It’s been so long !

Time passes dwindles away and I let it go as ashes in the wind. It does not matter. They say time is money build things over time time is of the essence and I believed it. In the mirror I


The Bird in Me

A bird catches my eye high up in the sky he feels the wind and so moves its wings goes up to reach the clouds down to near the ground left and right as pleases stalls to better watch I


About Love

I don’t know how it is possible not to write about love, given its importance in our dreams, aspirations, victories and defeats. I will  offer some unstructured thoughts 1. Love is not a straight line, but it is about managing the


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