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Emmy Noether

Miami – Untitled Art Untitled Art is an international contemporary art fair celebrating its 10th anniversary on the sands of Miami Beach!! It is still considered a young venue compared to Art Basel, FIAC, etc. Yet, it is quite engaging, celebrating local talents with a mix of Latino, Haitian and imported Brooklyn talents. Enjoy what artsy thinks about it and the pictures below. I was quite taken by Nora Maite Nieves paintings, a Brooklyn-based Puerto-Rican artist, particularly her Music of the Constellation, an allegoric representation of the conflicts in a family. I was also impressed by the work of Sylvia Maier, a native New Yorker known for her portraits of Brooklyn neighbors. Eduard Moreno was also noteworthy for his reflections on miners as victims of the current colonial and economic systems. They are black and exploited,  like the coal they themselves exploit. Let’s not forget LA-based June Edmonds and her mastery of

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Featured Images - October 2021

For me, returning to Florida is returning to the morning walk/jog on the beach. Everyday brings a different palette of awe and hue. At times, you can see  dolphins or sharks.  Your mind may fear the worst, or may not. The only difference is that you may miss an incredible swim.

Musings for some or all

In praise of transparency

Transparency is a personal trait of character that allows others to see inside us. A transparent person shares his/her intimate thoughts with a broad group of persons. Transparency has risks and rewards. Also transparency needs work: you don’t become transparent


the Brave New (Metaverse) World

By now, you know that Metaverse is real or will be real. All the high ups, like Zuckerberg and Nadella, have recently broadcast their YouTube on why you cannot or you will not be able to live without metaverse, and


Never forget…in memory of Mario

Never forget those you made suffer because they didn’t know you because you didn’t explain yourself You did not really try to see what they were seeing. Yes you understood a little bit. You accepted flattery but didn’t know what


Seeking the truth

Do not organize all new information around first impression. Accept the unexpected, do not look for the equivalent of yourself over and over again. When someone says something, don’t ask yourself if it is true. Find under which condition it


In search of beauty

A few days ago, I came across a wonderful and surprising experience, which has inspired a specific resolution to enhance my life. With some friends, we had scheduled an evening around jazz and dinner. I like Jazz adequately, at least


Thoughts for my children

Happiness is not an option. It is a necessity. Things that you think are the end of the world right now won’t even matter to you in 20 years. Take risks while you are young.  Embrace frugality to chase your


Quantic view of the universe

Quantic View of the UniverseThe subjects of physics and science have long interested me for the obvious reasons that they provide a solid basis on which to observe and understand what is going on around us. It did not hurt


not playing “moralopoly”

I have never quite accepted the fact that we can change just about everything in life, except our core values, and opinions. Can change job, spouse, country, social status, wealth, but born a liberal, die a liberal. Born impatient, die


in search of beauty

in Paris, Musée Rodin

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