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Christina of Sweden

I have a lot of sympathy and admiration for Christina of Sweden (1626-1689). She was only 6 when she became queen of Sweden after her father’s death on the battlefield. She had a significant impact not only on her country, and her 17th century, but also on Europe (political and cultural), Christianity and woman identity going forward. I have read that she is one of only three women buried in the grotto of the Vatican, in the company of Matilda of Tuscany (I did not know it when I wrote about her on this blog) and Maria Clementina Sobieska. She was in countercurrent of nearly everything in her time and had to fight to advance her fundamental modernism. She was an early adopter of the Age of Enlightenment (” Siècle des Lumières “) which advanced the pursuit of human happiness and scientific reasoning over faith-based cultural and social absolutism.  René

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Delray Beach - NOVEMBER 22

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The Mating of Sea Urchins

We each have our identity reflecting our preferences and circumstances. While we would like to believe that we humans are fundamentally alike and designed to live in harmony (as a norm),  the reality is quite the opposite. We are different from one another and finding our harmony is a major challenge.  The myth


To the Brink and Back?

We live in near constant tension with our environment.  No two humans are the same. We differ in mind, spirit day-to-day living,  identity parameters, etc. As our differences pervade through our life, we may accumulate to severe differences with another


The Goal and the Method

I believe most of us have certain major goals in life that dominate our spiritual operating system and become our life priorities. Goals such as doing good for humanity, loving as much as possible, affording independence to our children,  accumulating


Exploring the Now

You once told me that I live in the now. I mostly agree. I think so do you, and we both value that we do so. Is it so obvious?  The now, if it exists, seems unburdened with the prior


Wondering Around

I set my eyes, ears and feet on new ground as a way of life. I seek to feel home anywhere and nowhere. If there is a goal to it, it has to be generating a larger flow of emotions and


Living the Good Life

Living the good life is a dear goal for all of us. For me, it requires reconciling oneself with our Self and our environment.  Our Self is a difficult to assess and an unproven concept that rules our spiritual, intellectual,


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