Samuele Bersani

Samuele Bersani has a softer, thoughtful touch in reaching us. It is not nostalgy, but rather humility and simplicity in singing life’ events. His voice screams sincerity, straight from the heart.      

Tommaso Paradiso

Tommaso’s music is smooth, engaging and energetic at the same time. It generally targets adolescent sentiments with vivid understanding and accuracy. So you end up feeling that age again. I don’t recommend listening to his music in a closed environment: the contagious rhythm pushes you to start shaking, moving, tapping, dancing, so you could hurt […]

Antonello Venditti

It is fair to say that I am crazy about Italian music, more specifically the contemporary, joyful, expressive one. If you crave for optimistic, non-aggressive, sentimental music, filled with love and melody, don’t look further. Yes, you will hear a fair amount of soft “voce” gradually rising until the full “explosion” properly confirming the intensity […]

Matilde di Canossa

I have spent the past few days south of Parma, surrounded by Matilde, also known as  Matilde di Toscana an extraordinarily modern woman, born in 1045! She is definitely on my top five list of the world’s most underrated women, even though she is some kind of a hit in Italy, her native country. So what […]