Beauty and the Beach – April 2022

Good morning to all! So that’it! Spring is really arriving, about time! Today, I am adding a couple of new pictures and musings Thank you for reading. Bernard. From Guadalajara. with Mariachis! So Patricia and I went to Guadalajara in Mexico, the world capital of tequila and mariachis! Thank to our friends Cecilia and Lance, […]

Beauty and the Beach – 2

Good morning to all! As we are about to close 2021, please accept my best wishes for funtastic holidays and a spectacular 2022. Today, lets mix art, history and a couple musings. But first, let’s enjoy a little visit to Gallagher’s restaurant in New York.  Thank you for reading. Bernard. Gallagher’s: the “New York Steakhouse” […]

Beauty and the Beach -1

Good morning to all! This is my first flash newsletter! Please, be forgiving. The next ones will learn from the mistakes in this one. Today, we focus on a contemporary art fair in Miami and the upcoming launch of the James Webb telescope, a most anticipated event that will significantly improve our views of the […]