Emmy Noether

Emmy Noether was born in 1882 in Germany to become one of the greatest mathematicians of all time and yet, to remain still nearly unknown by most of us. Below are the highlights of such an extraordinary person and life. Double jeopardy She faced the double handicap of being Jewish and a woman in early […]

Quantic view of the universe

Quantic View of the UniverseThe subjects of physics and science have long interested me for the obvious reasons that they provide a solid basis on which to observe and understand what is going on around us. It did not hurt that I made substantial efforts in time to offset my limited raw intelligence, efforts which […]

Universe’ smallest common denominator?

It has been clearly demonstrated that most of our universe is quantic, i.e. comes in discrete quanta as opposed to a continuous process: energy, light, atomic structure, all come in minimum size in the Planck constant scale. The word energy derives from the Ancient Greek: ἐνέργεια, romanized: energeia, lit. ‘activity,operation’, which possibly appears for the […]

Where have the neutrinos gone?

Where have the neutrinos gone? I feel there is a knowledge gap between understanding the interactions of particles and assessing their results aggregated over billions of years. In summary, thanks to the great minds that have built the standard model of particles (so many, including Poincare, Bohr, Planck, Dirac, Gell-Mann, Noether, Higgs, Yang-Mills)  and have […]

A simple look at the universe

It has clearly been established that matter in our universe can be viewed both as particles/objects (the Enrico Fermi point of view) or as waves in quantum fields (the Julian Schwinger point of view). How can it be both? My simple way to grasp it is to think of the universe as a big ocean […]

An operating system for the universe?

I speculate at times that there is a link between the strong force and gravity. Both have a key interaction with mass : the strong force binds the nucleons that account for most of a particle mass, while gravity results from mass . I have always been impressed by the sheer strength of the strong […]