The Identity Perimeter

We build an identity perimeter around us to protect ourselves from Pain and harm by our surrounding environment. Our identity perimeter stacks beliefs, morality, friends and family relationships. We end up conversing in our own language consistent with the identity we have chosen to build. While the identity perimeter brings us several benefits I a […]

The Fear of Freedom

Freedom may be the fastest growing business in the Western World. We are rapidly removing the many constraints historically imposed by the no-longer-at stake necessities of surviving physically and economically and, thereby, of creating centralized strong protection systems such as church, marriage, governments, family, controlled sexuality, morality etc.   As liberating as Freedom may be, […]

Unsettled Matters

We all suffer from unsettled matters: things that hang over our conscience as dings, clouds shadowing our happiness. Unsettled matters include old romances where we are not proud of our role in their end, ungratefulness towards friends and givers, more generally breakups of love, friendship or trust or perceived lack of fairness/morality on our part […]

About Love

I don’t know how it is possible not to write about love, given its importance in our dreams, aspirations, victories and defeats. I will  offer some unstructured thoughts 1. Love is not a straight line, but it is about managing the turns 2. Love starts as a fire with passion and emotions. As it burns, emotions switch […]

In Awe of Friendship

In a book, the question was asked: “Why wasn’t friendship as good as a relationship? Why wasn’t it even better? It was two people who remained together, day after day, bound not by sex or physical attraction or money or children or property, but only by the shared agreement to keep going, the mutual dedication […]

Owning Our Life

We define ourselves by adopting moral, affective, intellectual, social, political values and behaviors that become ours, that define us. At birth, we have no definition, we are undifferentiated at least in terms of our own consciousness. We are a little bit like stem cells: undifferentiated, capable of taking any direction. We are rapidly enrolled in various systems […]

Jean-Claude Bacri

Jean-Pierre Bacri is remembered as possibly the most talented French actor, scenarist of the past 40 years. He was certainly the most celebrated one in France, and even obtained a rare nomination to the Academy Awards for best international scenario. He died of cancer in January 2021.  I write about him today after watching an […]

Managing highs and lows

We all go through highs and lows our life long. Highs and lows in terms of self-achievements, social interactions, emotions, wealth, love, etc..We all need to deal with the inherent volatility of highs and lows around and within us. Consciously or not, we adopt a certain modus operandi in dealing with these situations. Our choice of attitude […]

Shame on You

Shame is a very heavy burden to carry. It is a frontal attack to the integrity of a person. Its debilitating effect ranges from discomfort to death, but can also lead to great actions in the course of escaping it. I don’t know anyone who has not experienced it at some point of  time, yet […]

The Language of Words

We use words to communicate, to exchange facts, thoughts, feelings. Words are clearly essential tools, are generally effective and yet have numerous drawbacks. Words are supposed to correspond to various meanings, a sort of “mapping” between them and what they represent: a fact, a thought or an emotion/sentiment. Such mapping is indeed quite reductive: the […]