The Mating of Sea Urchins

We each have our identity reflecting our preferences and circumstances. While we would like to believe that we humans are fundamentally alike and designed to live in harmony (as a norm),  the reality is quite the opposite. We are different from one another and finding our harmony is a major challenge.  The myth of human likeness was invented by cultures that required group thinking and cooperation in order to survive physically or economically. The result was the creation of a […]

Unsettled Matters

We all suffer from unsettled matters: things that hang over our conscience as dings, clouds shadowing our happiness. Unsettled matters include old romances where we are not proud of our role in their end, ungratefulness towards friends and givers, more generally breakups of love, friendship or trust or perceived lack of fairness/morality on our part […]

Managing highs and lows

We all go through highs and lows our life long. Highs and lows in terms of self-achievements, social interactions, emotions, wealth, love, etc..We all need to deal with the inherent volatility of highs and lows around and within us. Consciously or not, we adopt a certain modus operandi in dealing with these situations. Our choice of attitude […]

Seeking the truth

Do not organize all new information around first impression. Accept the unexpected, do not look for the equivalent of yourself over and over again. When someone says something, don’t ask yourself if it is true. Find under which condition it is true. People are not that complicated. It is relations between people that are. Avoid […]