Antonello Venditti

It is fair to say that I am crazy about Italian music, more specifically the contemporary, joyful, expressive one. If you crave for optimistic, non-aggressive, sentimental music, filled with love and melody, don’t look further. Yes, you will hear a fair amount of soft “voce” gradually rising until the full “explosion” properly confirming the intensity of emotions and re-affirming the soul of the artist. ! “Pathetic” music, in the sense of lots of “pathos” expressed in there! All around fantasy, leaving you with no doubt that something real is going on. Yes, it may sound gimmicky at times, but the fact is that it works (at least for me)
So, with no further ado, lets start with one of my very favorites, Antonello Venditti, whose fame is huge in Italy, and minimal elsewhere. I guess he does not sing in English, poor fellow. below, you will find three of my favorites songs of him.




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18 days ago

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