Cela fait si longtemps !

Time passes dwindles away and I let it go as ashes in the wind. It does not matter. They say time is money build things over time time is of the essence and I believed it. In the mirror I look at an old man can it be me? the child that still lies behind? […]

L'oiseau en moi

A bird catches my eye high up in the sky he feels the wind and so moves its wings goes up to reach the clouds down to near the ground left and right as pleases stalls to better watch I feel the bird in me as I seek to be free and accepts only the […]

C'est dans la poche!

Dans la poche, j'ai beaucoup de choses que vous n'avez pas encore. Elles viendront. Ce que tu as, je l'ai eu, et cela ne me reviendra pas. Mes paroles ont autant de sens pour toi que les regrets en ont pour les nouveau-nés, et c'est bien ainsi, car tu es jeune et moi pas. [...]

N'oubliez jamais... en mémoire de Mario

Never forget those you made suffer because they didn’t know you because you didn’t explain yourself You did not really try to see what they were seeing. Yes you understood a little bit. You accepted flattery but didn’t know what it meant to the other When the dream is too beautiful, or even just beautiful, […]