In praise of transparency

Transparency is a personal trait of character that allows others to see inside us. A transparent person shares his/her intimate thoughts with a broad group of persons. Transparency has risks and rewards. Also transparency needs work: you don’t become transparent so easily .
Many people  prefer opacity to transparency, because they fear that they have more to lose in it than to gain. They don’t want to give up too much of their intimacy. They like to remain private by shyness, or shame of revealing the truth about themselves. They fear rejections by those who don’t share their values or ideas. They fear that people could use the secrets they reveal against them. They like to keep some mystery around them, to maintain a myth that differentiates them or make them superior. They may also believe that don’t have anything interesting to share. In all cases, opacity acts as a shield, creates a wall protecting us from the world at large. Opacity hides.
I prefer transparency because I believe it makes me gain more than lose. Removing walls helps communication. Transparency exposes us to more scrutiny by others and that is a good thing. It is good to be challenged by others, even better to be proven wrong, so that we can correct our point of view and better ourselves. Transparency brings transparency, i.e. if you allow yourself to be seen by others, others will in turn will allow you to see inside them. Transparency brings trust: i don’t have to worry about you, because I know all that you have in mind: nothing hidden, nothing to guess, to fear. Transparency facilitates switching the conversation from small talk to real stuff as we discuss the essence of who we are, what we want to do,  the emotions that are inside us. Lastly, transparency equalizes all of us. By sharing the basics of who we are, we realize that, regardless of any apparent difference,  we are all fundamentally equal, that our emotions are common and normal, that we are all united in humanity. That is a good thing to keep in mind as our world keeps spinning crazy!
Transparently yours!
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