My Weaknesses

Writing about my own weaknesses is a little like looking into a rear view mirror and seeing the road ahead. Weaknesses are things that anyone with a modicum of narcissism  is officially backing away from,  yet, the biggest weaknesses tend to disguise themselves so as not to be detected and to continue to thrive.  In no particular order of desolation, I am cheap, inpatient, intolerant, vain, narcissist and judgmental.


All these negative traits could be deemed to be anchored into two main psychological faults: superiority complex and selfness.  For me, selfness  can be summarized by the act of asking others to pursue the same main goals as me and to somehow punish or judge negatively those not who don’t pursue them.  Superiority complex lies in inadequate rewards management i.e. when the inner rewards of bettering oneself becomes the main objective, as opposed to the main benefits to others that we better ourselves.


I will add many more, as my ego allows me to see them. Patience is required!!

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