Beauty and the Beach – 2

Good morning to all! As we are about to close 2021, please accept my best wishes for funtastic holidays and a spectacular 2022.

Today, lets mix art, history and a couple musings. But first, let’s enjoy a little visit to Gallagher’s restaurant in New York.

 Thank you for reading. Bernard.

Gallagher's: the "New York Steakhouse"

This is not my typical newsletter note, but since it is time to celebrate, let’s get in the mood. For Patricia and I, Gallagher’s is a must stop whenever we are in NY. For further incitement, click here on this video link shot there a couple of weeks ago. Be patient if the video is slow to open. Money back guarantee that it is a fun one!  Yummee!!

Albertina Museum (1) – Vienna

The art quality of the Albertina Museum matches that of any of the world’s iconic museums like Louvre, Prado, Uffizzi., national Gallery, etc. Albertina has the charm of being smaller, surprising and refreshing with an eclectic mix of majors and less-known artists. In this “batch”, find paintings by Nolde, You can explore more of the collection by clicking here.

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Christina of Sweden

I have a lot of sympathy and admiration for Christina of Sweden (1626-1689). She was only 6 when she became queen of Sweden after her father’s death on the battlefield. She had a significant impact not only on her country, and her 17th century, but also on Europe (political and cultural), Christianity and woman identity going forward. I have read that she is one of only three women buried in the grotto of the Vatican,

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Shame on You

Shame is a very heavy burden to carry. It is a frontal attack to the integrity of a person. Its debilitating effect ranges from discomfort to death, but can also lead to great actions in the course of escaping it. I don’t know anyone who has not experienced it at some point of  time, yet the subject is rarely discussed: few  talk openly about their shame, even fewer disclose the cause of their shame. Shame

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In the Pocket

In the pocket I have many things that you don’t have yet. They will come. What you have, I have had, and it will not return to me. My words mean as much to you as regrets mean to newborns, and that’s the way it should be because you are young and I am not. You seek comfort that you are with your time. But you are with it, because this is your time. You toil

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Photo Goodie:

Happiness on the beach!

That's it for now, folks!