A few weeks ago, I had an incredibly soothing dream. An unknown feminine figure approached me and looked at me in the eyes with total understanding and care of me, without even pronouncing a word. Her big eyes penetrated my soul with an intimacy that erased any sense of distance between us, past or present. I am yours, you are mine, nothing bad can happen to you., I only need you. You are all that matters to me in the world. With me, you don’t need anything else. There was no sexual context. The feeling was so pleasing that I tried hard not to wake up, hoping to prolong these moments of total bliss. I did wake up and the golden impression lasted precious additional moments into full consciousness, before losing its intensity and immediacy. I asked myself “What was that? How can I feel that again? Why is it that I don’t feel this more often?”

And then, I realized that it was tenderness that I had received from the figure. That it was an incredible gift, gratuitous and totally filling. That everyone should experience it at least once. That in fact, we should experience it regularly, why not every day. That it is a shame that we practice it so rarely. That I will try to become a tender person again, that everyone should become tender. When you are tender to another person, nothing but this person matters for that moment. You give everything your soul has, to express that it is all and enough. No need to look for anything else. There is really nothing else. 

Tenderness is everything.

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