the Brave New (Metaverse) World

By now, you know that Metaverse is real or will be real. All the high ups, like Zuckerberg and Nadella, have recently broadcast their YouTube on why you cannot or you will not be able to live without metaverse, and that of course their version will be the best

The Metaverse dream is to transcend physical boundaries to create a fully immersive experience, even if augmented-real or virtual. The world as you know it will be transcribed in metaverse world that will seem real.

The Metaverse world starts with yourself. You will have avatars representing you that are much more sophisticated and realistic than the current versions. Your souped-up avatar will simulate your eye and face movements, hands and body gestures and potentially will be a streaming of the real yourself integrated into your avatar.

The Metaverse world continues with your office, which will be filmed in 3D so that the Metaversed zoom conference will look like it’s really taking place in the conference room where you gathered while in the office, with the avatars of the people attending the meeting. Essentially Metaverse will attempt to recreate the office experience while the participants can be wherever they are.
Many world experiences will be recreated including parties, family gathering, weddings, even stadium experiences. A key enabling technology is mass two-way streaming. In two-way streaming, both you and the stream you are watching can be combined to recreate the ambniance of a real stadium. Key events like the World Cup or the World Series will have a two way audience no longer in the hundreds of thousands but in millions and perhaps billions. Imagine a billion people signing in for the World Cup final and the broadcast would show not just the game but a metaverse audience of billions screaming and jumping (at home) as if they were in the stadium.

Essentially Metaverse will create a presence platform, where you will be present wherever you are.
Who will benefit from Metaverse when and if implemented? Just about every thing, but let’s focus on some important examples
First will be education, which is still lagging technologically and remains a 19th century process. The obstacles so far have been the necessity for children to experience a real classroom experience. Well, Metaverse will create something very close to it, except that the teacher will be a standardised and best-of-breed educator. This might actually be the only way for education to join the 21st century and overcome the current limitations.

Many of the business processes can be metaversed, including on boarding customers, loan-application to closing in real estate, even medical assessment with an avatar nurse or doctor.

The brave new world is coming to us soon and its name is: Metaverse!

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