The Identity Perimeter

We build an identity perimeter around us to protect ourselves from Pain and harm by our surrounding environment. Our identity perimeter stacks beliefs, morality, friends and family relationships.

We end up conversing in our own language consistent with the identity we have chosen to build. While the identity perimeter brings us several benefits I a sense of comfort, self-enforcing convictions facilitating our life decisions and conduct, it also brings its disadvantages. It rigidifies us, makes us less open to newness of all kinds. Let’s open to new ideas on politics religions morality sexuality parental and love relationships and all and on. In some ways, religion have realized the need to reduce the identity needs. Buddhism almost excludes the concept of self, Christianity urges Apostles to quit their own family, Islam requires education of themselves to God.

As to me I am working hard at reducing my identitary needs, through extensive traveling fluency in foreign languages and rebasing my beliefs on a regular basis helps me do that, also my first identity as a piano from Algeria and the Ended as a debacle losing my country and most of the beliefs in Grain in that population. It was probably one of the best things that happened to me please don’t hesitate to dare not to hide behind one identity open all our window to the beautiful world of others.

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