Solitude in the creative process

The importance of solitude to the creative process

Discussing how we create when alone is an intimate subject, potentially dangerously revealing about our inner workings. Louis XVI used to say: I prefer my silences!

It is true that very often creativity requires solitude. While solitude comes in all sorts such as intellectual, physical, emotional, affective, sentimental, permanent, etc. I can’t believe that true solitude  really exists for the creator.The act of creation requires some medium both internally (Memories, thoughts, aspiration, etc) and externally (paint, words, music, etc.) And these media are connected to some reality heretofore hidden and yet brought to reality during the creation. Maybe solitude helps the media expand its  realm, along a path initially unknown and yet leading to a point that feels familiar in the end. A little bit like exploring oneself to find an obvious destination which we always knew to exist, a new formulation of the same self. Solitude abates the daily noise and allows return to a source.

Creativity is in fact far from solitude, as I believe all creations are intended to be shared, if only for the vanity of showing off some excellence. The true art is in fact that of sharing, of touching someone with our view, our creation, our miracle of rearranging the world to create yet a new version of it. Don’t underestimate the game in it of mastering the tools that create the end product. They are an integral part of it all.

Creation is a very strong affirmation: it is so small, yet it matters. It comes out of nowhere and yet it comes.

Be = Beauty 

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