To the Brink and Back?

We live in near constant tension with our environment.  No two humans are the same. We differ in mind, spirit day-to-day living,  identity parameters, etc.

As our differences pervade through our life, we may accumulate to severe differences with another person. It’s really like electricity accumulating while rubbing two materials. It seems that, more often than not,  fundamental differences get resolved by going to the extreme, taking things to the brink with rupture at stake. Is it good or bad, preventable or not?

Throughout my life,  I remember things taken to the brink mostly as a result of the failure of extensive gymnastics trying to solve differences. Trying to adjust to the other or making the other adjust to me. Trying so consistently, so repeatedly, in vain. So that in the end, in the absence of acceptable resolution, I give up and break.  On the one hand, it feels as if I tried everything and I accept that that I could not do any better. On the other hand, I also regret that expectation should have been better set at the outset.  That communication should have been more effective with a better understanding of the spoken or unspoken language of the other.  A better listening to the truth of the other.


It seems that avoiding the brink is desirable, yet nature makes extensive use of it, so it must have its necessity perhaps…

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